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Chesapeake Bay Association of the Deaf (CBAD)


Transcript for CBAD Visit:

Hello. I'm Richard Jeffries, MDAD President. I just left CBAD - Chesapeake Bay Association of the Deaf, which has been incorporated for a long time but they have not had their general meeting for almost five years. They elected new officers recently and the new officers are excited about bringing back meetings. However, they were unsure how to proceed so they asked MDAD to help figure out how to run meetings and figure out how to bring their bylaws up to date. MDAD is thrilled to be a part of this effort.

That is one part of my vision as the president of MDAD:

MDAD cannot be the lone organization in the State of Maryland. MDAD needs to partner with many other Maryland-based organizations and work together to advance the needs of all Deaf, DeafBlind, and Hard of Hearing people in Maryland. This reflects the concept I want to see in MDAD: TOGETHER, WE CAN. In the next two years, MDAD wants to support other organizations just as MDAD needs the support of other organizations. In doing so, we all can grow and thrive.

Thank you.

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