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2021-2023 Mandates

Mandate 1

Develop and introduce legislation to provide, when necessary, CDIs in all aspects of the judicial and medical systems.

Mandate 2

Develop and introduce legislation re: State certification and/or licensure for interpreters.

Mandate 3

Lead a task force in collaboration with county government representatives and ODHH re: online video accessibility 

Mandate 4

Lead an exploratory committee re: scholarship programs for MDAD members.

Mandate 5

Establish an action committee to end language deprivation in the State of Maryland.

Mandate 6

Work with the Governor’s Office of Deaf and Hard of Hearing, Maryland Department of Transportation, and State Highway Administration to add new traffic signals.

Mandate 7

Submit a bill or work with MD-EHDI to ensure that there are equal numbers of hearing and Deaf/HH workers in the Office of Genetics and People with Special Health Care Needs (Maryland Department of Health).

Mandate 8

Establish a task force to focus on Deaf Senior Citizens' Issues.

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