2021-2023 Mandates

  1.  Develop and introduce legislation to provide, when necessary, CDI’s in all aspects of the judicial and medical systems. 

  2. Develop and introduce a legislation re: State certification and/or licensure for interpreters.

  3. Lead a task force in collaboration with county government representatives and ODHH re: online video accessibility 

  4. Lead an exploratory committee re: scholarship programs for MDAD members.

  5. Establish an action committee to end language deprivation in the State of Maryland.

  6. Work with the Governor’s Office of Deaf and Hard of Hearing, Maryland Department of Transportation, State Highway Administration to add new traffic signals.

  7. Submit a bill or work with MD-EHDI to ensure that there are equal numbers of hearing and Deaf/HH workers in the Office of Genetics and People with Special Health Care Needs (Maryland Department of Health).

  8. Establish a taskforce to focus on Deaf Senior Citizens Issues.