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MDAD Announcements

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Flyer description: The background is white. Second layer color is the chartreuse green of a big-sized coffee design. There is a navy blue rectangle with a half circle in the middle. Inside the shape is "BE CONNECTED." in yellowish green sans serif text. The two Ns in the word "CONNECTED" have two handshapes that look like signing "connect." Below the "BE CONNECTED" tagline are the words "2024 MARYLAND ASSOCIATION OF THE DEAF SYMPOSIUM" in a different and smaller sans serif font. Third line, " Save the Date! April 20th from 11 A.M. am to 5 P.M. Fourth line, “Location: Maryland School for the Deaf (Columbia campus).” In the lower left corner is the image of the MDAD logo.  A blue stripe is a wave design below the MDAD logo.
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