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Maryland Association of the Deaf (MDAD) was founded in 1956 by a foundation which was provided by Maryland School for the Deaf Alumni Association (MSDAA) George W. Veditz who was a leader. Henry Nicol was the first President of MDAD during 1956 – 1958.


Gertrude Galloway was the First Female President of MDAD during 1975 – 1977 and later became the First Female President of the National Association of the Deaf (NAD) in 1980. 


During Astrid Goodstein’s administration (1997 – 2001), MDAD successfully got the legislation passed which is now a law and that created the Office of Deaf and Hard of Hearing under the Governor's Office (GODHH). 


Toyin Fasakin was elected in 2015 and became the first black president.


Kirsten Poston was elected as our first black female president (2021 – 2023).

MDAD celebrated our 65th Anniversary in 2022.

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