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A message from MDAD's new President


I am Richard Jeffries and I would like to share recent MDAD updates with you. As you know, Tina Joyner, who has been our acting president the past two months and we had a board retreat recently.

The Board has made some changes and I am now your president. I want to thank Tina Joyner for her hard work. Also, I would like to take this opportunity to share the current MDAD board members with you. I am your president and Tina Joyner as vice president. Jill Brick as secretary and Marie Campbell as treasurer. We have two 4-year board member at large posts: Tayler Mayer and the second post is currently vacant. Jason DeLeaver, Bobby Harris, Mary Lynn Lally, and Stephanie Summers as our appointed board members.

We look forward to serving you all.

Thank you.

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