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A Message from MDAD and PCRID Presidents

(Two images: a logo of MDAD on the top with PCRID’s logo shown below with a date shown at bottom “August 17, 2017”)

(Opening with a white women wearing a black shirt with hair pulled back, she is signing with a red background) Hello! My name is Meredith DeSomma and I am the president of MDAD (Transitioning to a different video with another white woman, wearing eyeglasses with hair pulled back and wearing a light pink buttoned shirt, signing in her office space with yellow background and two windows) Hello, I am PCRID’s president and I am Gina D’Amore.

(Transitioning back to Meredith’s video) We have made movement on drafting up a interpreter licensure bill in the state of Maryland. MDAD has been pushing this bill forward and we appreciated PCRID’s support along the way.

(Transitioning to Gina’s video)

I work closely with Meredith where we at PCRID has been supporting her organization, MDAD. We both are excited to finally release and share our works on this bill, which is known as Draft #5, to you all. We want you have the opportunity to review the draft—we welcome any questions and inquiries! You may send in an email to a joint email account that is monitored by both MDAD and PCRID. We hope to collect everybody’s input to answer at once-- (a subtitle shown during this video with this text: “

(Transitioning to Meredith’s video)

Please understand that we couldn’t address each email individually but we will at least confirm the receipt of your email. With your input via emails, we will incorporate in consideration while finalizing the draft bill.

(Transitioning to Gina’s video)

We hope you can use your time this week and over the weekend—you have 4 to 5 days as we need to collect everybody’s input by/on August 22.

(Split-screen video of both Meredith and Gina’s videos showing side-by-side signing at same time with similar message but different word choices)

Gina: I look forward to get your feedback and the dialogue—thank you. Meredith: I look forward to your feedback—have a wonderful weekend!

(video faded into black)

(image of the same image of two organization logos shown again)

(video faded out)

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