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[Meredith DeSomma, President of MDAD and Chanel Gleicher, Board Member shares the conference vision. Captions available.]

Transcript: Meredith (in black shirt): Hello. I'm Meredith DeSomma, President of Maryland Association of the Deaf (MDAD). Our MDAD conference is coming up soon. Our conference theme is E3=A. The three E's are for educate, engage, and empower. The three E's equals Action. My vision for the conference this year is to show how many resources we have in the state of Maryland. Okay. With Educate, Engage, and Empower... How can we use the three E's? This year we will have state agencies in attendance. We will be able to interact with them. They will educate, engage, and empower us. We will be able to learn our resources and be educated. Then, we will be able to develop action plans. Chanel (in black shirt): In duration of the conference, we will focus on the vision of the conference. In the morning, we will focus on the three E's by interacting with state agencies. During lunch, we will have opportunity to have personal interaction with state agencies. We will also have special guests throughout the afternoon. In the afternoon, we will have community brainstorming session on how we can take actions for our community.

Meredith: I'm curious where the conference will take place? Chanel: The conference will take place at Maryland School for the Deaf (MSD)- Columbia Campus. The address is on our website. Meredith: Any ticket costs? Chanel: Yes. For our current members, it is only $5. The cost includes breakfast, lunch and the conference registration. If you are not a member, it is still only $20. The $20 fee also includes one-year MDAD membership. Meredith: Perfect. Sounds fun! Are you ready? Come and register online as soon as possible. Chanel: Come and join us!

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