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[BANNER DESC: light grey/blue gradient background. Left top corner is a big “Virtual Biennial Meeting 2020” (in white text) logo with a film camera (dark blue outlined in white) and the NAD logo (in light blue). On the logo’s right, in bold white text “WATCH FACEBOOK LIVE”. On the bottom left, a white logo of three outlined stick people in a circle - “Council of Representatives” (in light blue) with white text underneath "DATE / TIME TO BE ANNOUNCED". On bottom left corner shows JPMorgan Chase & Co. logo / ZVRS Purple logo.]

The Delegates added a fifth session to the 2020 Council of Representatives meeting, COR V, which will be held in the month of October. We will share an update when the date/time has been decided. COR V will be livestreamed, as were previous sessions. Delegates who have questions about COR V should contact their NAD Regional Board Member.